Meuwn's Madness

Meuwn's Madness is an action-adventure 2D platformer created with the great games of the 90's in mind.

Travel through vast caverns, deep sea volcano vents, and dense jungle to shut down your cyborg cat's power plants before she steals all the Earth's lava! Then travel to the Moon and end Meuwn's madness once and for all!


Sh!t Town

Sh!t Town is a pixelated 2D arcade-style sidescroller set in a cyperpunk, gritty world. Inspired by classics such as Shadowrun, Blade Runner, and Neuromancer, Sh!t Town takes you from its dirty downtown to the open outskirts. Dodge cars, bikes, gangs, pedestrians, and more as you make your way out. Interact with the citizens to learn what makes Sh!t Town such a miserable place to live.

Get out before the city can suck you back in!